Republican AZ Legislative Priorities

Republicans control our Legislature by a thin margin. As a result, they can jam through some pretty awful legislation. Our Legislative Committee Chair provided this grim report at this morning’s Monthly Democratic Action Meeting.


SUPPRESS THE VOTE: 25 bills designed to make voting more difficult – particularly voting by mail

  • PEVL Purge if you don’t vote by mail in two successive elections
  • Voter has to include their DL # and DOB on their mail-in ballot
  • Makes it a Class 5 Felony if you send a mail-in ballot to someone who didn’t ask for it
  • Bar election officials from receiving private money to run an election, or combat disinformation
  • Criminalize protesters – at the discretion of the police department

EDUCATION: Numerous bills to eliminate the money set aside in Prop 208 in 2020 and huge expansion of school vouchers that will cripple Public Schools throughout the state.

  • Expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) to almost all public-school children
  • Alter tax laws to allow wealthy individuals to avoid paying the incremental tax in Prop 208

WOMAN’S RIGHTS: Pass anti-abortion bills that are so egregious that they will be contested in court all the way to the Supreme Court and then be upheld by the conservative majority on SCOTUS.

  • Make it a crime to terminate a pregnancy for a genetic abnormality in the fetus

 ENVIRONMENT: Support fossil fuel constituents and hamstring any attempt to support green energy efforts.

  • Infringe on the power of the Corporation Commission and derail clean energy rules and policies
  • Make it harder to process complaints against agricultural nuisance sources such as feed lots
  • Prohibit the protection of most of the state’s water sources


  • Deliver a $1.0 Billion tax cut in 2021
  • Establish a flat income tax of 2.5%
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