Rogers Raises $2.5M. Spends With Her Nephew.

Dillon Rosenblatt, a journalist with KJAZZ, reports that State Senator Wendy Rogers broke another record for Arizona legislative fundraising. In 2021, she garnered $2,500,000 to support her effort to keep her $24,000 per year job in the Legislature, raising more than any AZ GOP Gubernatorial candidate. Not surprising since she went on a nationwide grifting tour promoting the Big Lie.

She’ll be running in a deeply red legislative district so it’s hard to see why she needs the money for legitimate campaign expenses. In 2021, she spent $900,000, half in payments to her Florida nephew’s consulting firm. (How do we spell “nepotism?”)

By the way, Rosenblatt reports that Rogers reimbursed herself for mileage using her Tempe address rather than her Flagstaff one (where her district is).

After losing five elections, Rogers was elected to the legislature with a boost of half a million dollars from corporate donors to Doug Ducey’s PAC. Then the “Independent” Redistricting Commission drew lines to guarantee her safe re-election.


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