Societies Crumble When They Loose Diversity

A letter to the Editor published in the AZ Daily Sun by Bryan Bates

The fundamental characteristic of life is diversity. In ecosystems, species
richness enables energy and nutrient flow thru communities and thus determines the health of the biological system.
In human systems, those societies which embrace diversity enable the flow of ideas, science, economics, art and political structure. Diverse human societies can adjust to disruptions because they have alternate pathways for the flow of information and energy.
The US espouses openness “to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but since President Reagan, our governmental and judicial system has become constrained. This is particularly true of the Supreme Court which of recent has regressed to institutionalizing myopia and fear. The Robert’s Court has:
 rejected the right of women, but not men, to have control over their body;
 allowed continued gun violence when the 2nd Amendment gave States the capacity to protect themselves when no national militia existed;
 denied water, and thereby health, to the Navajos/ Native Americans when such right was principled by the 1908 Supreme Court and reiterated in the 1922 Colorado River Compact;
 rejected affirmative action thereby assuring that US universities, businesses and corporations will have less viability in international economics because perceptions from international students have been stifled;
 and rejected student debt reduction thereby burdening potential future leaders of industry, corporation and government with debt that may prevent them from reaching their life goals.

Thus, I propose we rename the Supreme Court the Inferior Court. The decisions of these Republican nominated “in-justices” have reduced the diversity of options for several future generations.

Bryan Bates, Flagstaff

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