Stop Senator Tuberville

A letter to Senator Mitch McConnell submitted by Coconino Democrat, Bryan Bates.

Dear Senator McConnell,

Per the US Constitution, the Senate was established to be a deliberative body, one where all Senators were to carefully think through the options and impacts of their decisions. A priority of this chamber has consistently been the defense and well-being of our nation. The Senate was never intended to have been blockaded by a single individual especially when the issue was our national defense.

Sen. Tuberville has compromised the response capacity of the world’s finest military by blocking over 400 military promotions. I understand he wants to make political points with people who will contribute to his election coffers; however, risking US military readiness for re-election is the ultimate self-aggrandizing, maniacal and egotistical “showmanshit” on the planet.

The effect of “Tuberville’s tantrum” is costing service members and their families. People are forced to take on work they are not compensated for meaning his blockage will impact our service men and women’s retirement benefits, while creating financial and logistical burdens for our troops’ families. While he’s playing games, our service members are paying the price.

As the Minority Leader, your first leadership action should be to remove Tuberville from the Senate Armed Services committee. You have considerable influence and you could effectively push big donors to stop donations to Tuberville. And if you want to be a leader for America, then get rid of the Senate rule that allows a single Senator to hold up the whole body!! This ensures that the Senate can do its’ job regardless of which party has a majority.

I know that Sen. Tuberville is not going to change and thus, it is your responsibility to act in a manner that defends this country when a single individual threatens the readiness and capacity of our national defense. Failure to do so is tantamount to treason.
You know what is right, now do it.

With respect for our Constitution and the power granted to leaders,
Bryan Bates
Flagstaff, AZ.

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