Vote Now!

Early voting began Wednesday!

Returning ballots quickly helps our county elections officials because the signature on the outside of each mail ballot needs to be verified before that ballot moves to the tabulation process. Officials certified in handwriting comparison start working on this as soon as your ballot arrives at the County Recorder’s Office. Holding your ballot until the last week can mean that it won’t be counted until after election day and that will slow down the reporting of final results.

Mail ballots can be deposited in drop boxes located around the county and at drop boxes and mobile collection sites located on tribal lands.

You can also return your ballot by mailing it no later than November 1. (Mailing after that risks it not being received until after the 7 pm deadline on Election Day, November 8.) If you do wait until Election Day to return your ballot, deposit it in an election department drop box or take it to a precinct polling place or Vote Center, NO LATER THAN 7 pm.

If you want to vote in person, here’s a list of early voting sites and times in Coconino County.

Vote for all Dems to keep the progress going!

P.S. Need help with ballot measures? Read this, or use our Sample Ballot.

Questions About Voting? Call Our Voter Protection Hotline


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