Wait Months for Election Results?

A note on our Senator Wendy Rogers from Arizona Agenda today:

If you like waiting months to hear the results of the election, then you’ll love Senate Bill 1338, which would send Arizona back decades as far as election technology is concerned. 

The bill — sponsored by none other than Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers, perpetual perpetrator of election falsehoods like that decertification is a thing — would require all votes be counted by hand. 

Considering the Cyber Ninjas took five months to hand-count two races in one county, only to find a slightly different count than the machines (which do you think was correct?), we probably wouldn’t know the outcome of the 2022 election until 2024. And just imagine the litigation.

However, the bill has no chance of becoming law. But it passed the Senate Government and Elections Committee and will surely serve as another fundraising pitch for Rogers.

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