What We Did in January: Lots!

We reported in our mid-month Newsletter how our precinct committee people hit the ground running at  the first monthly PC meeting of the year. Since then, we’ve gotten reports on many meetings and canvassing events within the precincts. PCs attended Governor Ducey’s budget PR event at the Flagstaff Chamber. Regional Captain Aubrey Sonderegger was one of the featured speakers at the Women’s March on January 20. Please read her heartfelt statement in support of our party’s work.

Some precinct committee people sponsored a house party for our LD-6 candidates and filled the house to nearly over-flowing and another couple of PCs are sponsoring another LD-6 house party as this newsletter “goes to press.”

Regional captains are contacting inactive PCs and high-scoring Democrats to get even more people out on the ground implementing our strategies to win this fall. They have committed to a monthly phone-banking night and the first was January 25. The night before, PCs got together at the Southside Tavern to unwind a bit and talk messaging. That’s also a monthly event.

Our Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner Committee is hard at work. They’ve tasted and tested at Little America and are gathering auction items. If you have something to donate, please contact the office. Hint:  “Experiences” sell better than art. If you would like to volunteer to work the night of the event, please contact the office as well. Meanwhile, like and share our Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner Facebook Page and buy your tickets! Our theme is “Ready to Win” — let’s make it happen! The event is March 10 and invitations have been mailed. If you don’t have yours and don’t want to buy online, let us know NOW!

The event of the month, however, is our first ever KickOff — see the first article above. Our Outreach Committee has been hard at work on this. Thank you!  Democratic Political Action! heard from two corporation commission candidates on January 18.

Twenty people signed up for our six-week candidate training workshop! Thank you to all who are interested enough to spend their Sundays learning what it takes to be a candidate or campaign manager. Thank you to Patty Hansen for leading the training and to the elected officials who are giving their time to share their experiences and suggestions. This is how we build depth for 2020 and beyond!

Meanwhile, the more mundane tasks that allow all of these things to operate continue. The Executive Committee met on January 8. Volunteers are cleaning and reorganizing the office space because it’s become a really busy place! We’re moving some of our larger and only occasionally-used stuff to a storage location.

The Arizona Democratic Party has placed a full-time staffer in our office (and they are paying a portion of our rent in exchange). CD-1 is a national target and that’s her focus. She’s got interns and volunteers at work already.

Kelsey Blakley, Operations Manager,  is enjoying the help of a new volunteer whom you may also see in the office. Her name is Marisa Riggs-Ort and here’s her picture — say “hi” when you stop by.

One final note: The DNC picked Arizona among 10 other states to receive the first grant funding of the year. We’re not sure how much ADP will get of the total $1 million that’s going out to the eleven states, but we hope (and believe) that some of it is likely to filter up to Coconino County because we’re doing such a great job. Late last year, we got the first assistance in years (maybe ever) from the state party: $4000 and some computer equipment. We’ll hoping for at least that much since our expenses are up: That’s what it takes to win!


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