“What’s Really Hurting Society is the Decline of Patriarchy,” ~ Senator Sylvia Allen

Yes, she really said that. Along with several other “unbelievable” statements. This is the Senator in the Arizona Legislature representing LD-6, including Flagstaff and Sedona and surrounding areas in Coconino County. It’s definitely time for a change.

Speaking during a July 15 event at Republican Party Headquarters in Phoenix, Allen expressed concern that the United States is “going to look like South American countries very quickly,” warning that new immigrants will not be able to “assimilate” at the rate that they are arriving.

Phoenix New Times obtained audio of Allen’s comments on Thursday, the full version of which is posted at the bottom of this page. PNT wrote:

During a rambling, 25-minute speech peppered with religious and autobiographical references, Allen expressed a worldview that the founding principles of the United States are under attack by feminists, secularists, and immigrants.


In a follow-up interview with Phoenix New Times, Allen claimed to be relying upon a North Carolina professor’s views on immigration. But Dr. James Johnson, who speaks frequently to business groups, seems to have a completely different take from Allen. Again according to PNT:

Dr. Johnson describes the trend of increasing immigration from Hispanic countries as a reality that the U.S. will need to adapt to if it wants to maintain its “competitiveness in the global marketplace.” In a 2013 lecture to the National Entrepreneur Center in Florida, Johnson disputed the notion that immigrants place a burden on society. He distinguished between the “fiscal impact” of immigrants, such as healthcare and education costs, with the “economic impact,” which factors in the spending power of immigrants and other benefits.


State Senator Martin Quezada said Allen’s remarks are “David Stringer all over again…. It’s insulting to say the least.” Stringer’s remarks on immigration led top Republicans to call for his resignation.

Audio of Allen’s Remarks on July 15, reprinted from Phoenix New Times
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