Who Do You Trust to Fix Inflation?

Ninety-six percent of Americans are concerned about the cost of food, 94 percent are concerned about the cost of gas, and 87 percent are concerned about the cost of housing. There can be no doubt this is a real problem for the country. The vital question for this election is which party is most likely to find solutions.

Who should voters trust to deal with high gas prices and take on the corporations using inflation as an excuse to gouge American consumers?

  • The Democrats, who want to end tax subsidies for the oil companies and make corporations pay their fair share in taxes?
  • The Republicans, who want to cut taxes for corporations, keep tax breaks for highly profitable oil companies, and are bankrolled by Big Oil?

The Republican strategy so far is to lay low on proposing any fixes for inflation, hope Democrats take all the blame, and try to fire up their base. To that end, they are pushing radically anti-freedom policies on

  • marriage
  • abortion
  • school curricula
  • which books you can read
  • contraception
  • what teachers can teach

Elect Republicans if you think you have too much personal freedom!

Meanwhile, Democrats have passed bills to deal with price-gouging from oil companies and reduce the cost of insulin. Democrats are working on legislation to lower the cost of food and fuel.

What is the Republican plan to fight inflation? We have no idea because they are too busy banning abortion, books, gay marriage, contraception, and policing the speech of teachers and the sports choices of trans youth. The GOP is too busy trying to appeal to their extremist fringe to address the real concerns of ordinary Americans.

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