Who does Sinema represent?

The Senate voted this week on the Green New Deal (GND), a resolution to support green jobs and address climate change. The resolution contains goals, not policies, and represents a starting point for legislation. The premature vote has been called a political stunt to divide Democrats and paint supporters as radicals. In a refusal to participate, all Democratic senators voted “present” except three, including Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), who voted no.

Sinema’s official statement on the vote calls for “achievable” solutions to climate change that can “help Arizona families.” Since the GND is currently a set of goals, why not get involved to make them achievable? The GND calls for new jobs that would help Arizona families. It would also protect families from projected heat, drought and a shrinking agricultural sector.

A recent poll featured in the New York Times found that 56 percent of Arizonans support the GND. If this is what constituents want, why did Sinema vote no at this early stage? Is it because she accepted $320,254 in fossil fuel donations since 2011? As we get closer to a real chance for meaningful climate policy in 2020, we need to ask Sinema who she represents.


Arizona Daily Sun April 8. 2019

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