Another Ducey Disaster

If thousands of renters don’t get help by next week, they could lose their homes after Gov. Doug Ducey’s eviction moratorium expires July 22.

Arizona launched a $5 million rental assistance program in March designed to pay landlords up to $2,000 per month for each eligible renter who applied for help.

There’s plenty of money left in the fund, but critics say it’s taking too long to get it to landlords who could end up evicting tenants in a few weeks.

The Arizona Department of Housing announced it would simplify the application process and hire more reviewers after it became clear the aid program was moving at a glacial pace.

But the changes in the last month have barely made a dent in the mountain of applications, according to state data. Renters continue to submit more applications than are processed.

It’s time for Ducey to call the Legislature back into session to address the problems our state faces because of the raging pandemic.

Source: Arizona Central

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