2020 Democratic Party Candidates

These are Democratic candidates in the race for 2020 of interest to Coconino County voters. Listing of these candidates is for voter information and education and is not an endorsement of the candidate by the Coconino County Democratic Party. The party will remain neutral in all contested primary races and will not support candidates until they become the nominee of the party following the state primary in August 2020. Races on your ballot will vary depending on your district and precinct. Your ballot will contain additional races for special districts depending on where you live in the county (such as school boards and fire districts).

This page is under construction. As we learn of additional candidates, we will add them. You may see the Democratic candidates for President here.

When to Vote

Presidential Preference Election:
March 17, 2020

Primary Election
August 4, 2020

General Election Day:
November 3, 2020

Signing Petitions for Candidates

You may only sign a petition for one candidate for each office. There will be many opportunities to sign candidate petitions, including at our 2020 Kickoff Event next February. In the meantime, for federal and state candidates, you may sign online with the Secretary of State's office.

How to Mark the Ballot

U.S. Senator:

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly launched his campaign for Senate to change the direction of the country.  Kelly is a retired U.S. Navy combat pilot, engineer, and NASA astronaut. He lives in Tucson with his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  Learn more at MarkKelly.com.


U.S. Representative in Congress:

Tom O'Halleran

Tom O'Halleran is currently serving his second term as our Representative in CD-1 and is running for re-election.

Follow Tom's campaign on his website and on his Facebook Page. http://www.tomohalleran.com


Arizona Senate - District 6:

Felicia French

Colonel (Ret.) Felicia French is a third-generation Arizonan who's a nurse, 32-year U.S. Army and National Guard veteran and proud, single mom. Felicia's been a medevac helicopter pilot, educator, a sustainability scientist, and senior medical advisor in Afghanistan, as well as an equal employment officer. After retiring from the military, she volunteered with groups like the Arizona Trail Angels, AmeriCares, and the Sierra Club, as well as her Community Emergency Response Team in Pine. Most recently, Felicia volunteered as a nurse on the Navajo Nation to support their COVID-19 efforts. She wants to continue her lifelong commitment to public service to fight for good schools for our kids, healthcare that we can afford, and state government that's accountable to us.

Follow Felicia's campaign on her website and on Facebook.


Arizona House - District 6

Coral Evans

Coral Evans has served on the Flagstaff City Council since 2008, most recently as Mayor.  Coral holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s level certificate in Public Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  She has over 25 years of extensive, applied experience and knowledge in the design, development, implementation, management, assessment and evaluation of initiatives and programs crafted to assist diverse populations experiencing the systemic effects of poverty.

Follow Coral's campaign on her website and on Facebook.

Arizona Senate - District 7:

Jamescita Peshlakai

Jamescita Peshlakai is the incumbent Arizona Senator from Legislative District 7, currently serving her second term in the Senate. She previously served in the Arizona House and the United States Army during the Persian Gulf War. Currently, she is Policy Director for the Arizona Foundation for Women and an advisor to the Navajo Nation regarding veterans affairs and Arizona issues.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Follow Senator Peshlakai on Facebook.

Arizona House - District 7

Arlando Teller

Arlando Teller is the incumbant, serving his first term in the Arizona House from District 7. He is the Deputy Division Director at the Navajo Department of Transportation. He studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Arlando is a strong supporter of the #RedforEd Movement.

Follow Arlando's campaign on Facebook.

Arizona House - District 7

Myron Tsosie

Myron Tsosie is the incumbant, serving his first term in the Arizona House from District 7. He resides in Chinle, Arizona in the Heart of the Navajo Nation. Since 2014 he has served on the Chinle Unified School District School. He holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Northern Arizona University and is currently working towards my Masters degree in Organizational Leadership at NAU. He works with Navajo Technical University.

Follow Arlando's campaign on Facebook.

Corporation Commission

Bill Mundell

Bill Mundell wants to return to the Corporation Commission, where he served as a Commissioner for nine years, so he can help Sandra Kennedy protect customers from unjustified rate increases, stop the dark money spending by APS/Pinnacle West that has corrupted the Commission and combat climate change by making Arizona the “Solar Capital of the World”. Bill started his public service career fighting corruption in Chandler and later became Presiding Judge of the Chandler Municipal Court.

Learn more about Bill Mundell's campaign.

IMPORTANT: Three commissioners will be elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission during the 2020 Election.

Corporation Commission

Shea Stanfield

Shea Stanfield holds a B.A. and M.Ed from Arizona State University in Education, and served two terms on the Cave Creek Town Council. A few of her environmental commitments include board membership on The Black Mountain Conservancy, advocating for the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, assisting with the creation of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and volunteering with the U.S. Forest Service. During my 40+ years, as a public school educator, I worked with families from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Together we provided their children with a comprehensive education and academic guidance for success.

Learn more at sheastanfield.com

IMPORTANT: Three commissioners will be elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission during the 2020 Election.

Corporation Commission

Anna Tovar

Whether serving as Mayor in her hometown of Tolleson, fighting for a better quality of life for underserved communities as a State Senator, or teaching our youth in the Tolleson Elementary School District, Anna Tovar has dedicated her life to improving Arizona communities. She now wants to bring her integrity and experience to the Arizona Corporation Commission where she can fight for accountability and fairness for all Arizona consumers.

Learn more at https://www.tovarforarizona.com/

IMPORTANT: Three commissioners will be elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission during the 2020 Election.

County Supervisor - District 1

Patrice Horstman

Patrice is a 40-year resident of Coconino County and has been a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party and its candidates and has served our local Democratic Party as a precinct and state committee person and was elected as our national committee woman to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She is a NAU graduate and co- founder of the law firm, Hufford, Horstman, Mongini, Parnell and Tucker; which serves public schools, Native American communities, municipalities, healthcare institutions, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Follow Patrice's campaign on her website and on Facebook.

County Supervisor - District 2

Liz Archuleta

Elizabeth “Liz” Archuleta is currently serving her sixth term on the Coconino County Board of Supervisors representing District Two.  She is proud to be a public servant and is honored to be the first Latina elected to office in the history of Coconino County.

County Supervisor - District 3

Matt Ryan

Matt is currently serving his sixth term as District 3 Supervisor and served as Chair of the Board of Supervisors in 1999, 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2014.  Learn more at https://www.mattryan.info/

County Supervisor - District 4

Judy Begay

Judy Begay is a  lifelong resident of Coconino County and also a lifelong supporter of Democrats.  Served as a public school Board Member for 16 years in Tuba City. Experience in oversight, including management and supervision of health programs; School administration; Facilities Management, including roads and infrastructure and public Housing. Graduate of NAU in Business Administration - Management.  Graduate of UOP - Masters in Organizational Management. Served as adjunct faculty at DINE college teaching Business Classes. Served on several non-profit organization boards.  A rancher and farmer. Native American -Speaks fluently and writes the Navajo Language.

Learn more at https://judybegayforsupervisor.com/

County Supervisor - District 5

Lena Fowler

Lena Fowler is the incumbent District 5 Supervisor.  Read Lena's quarterly newsletter here

County Attorney

Bill Ring

Bill Ring is the incumbent Coconino County Attorney.  He was elected on November 8, 2016 and took office on January 6, 2017. Previously, Mr. Ring served for 15 years in the Coconino County Attorney’s Office in every position common to deputy county attorneys including juvenile, misdemeanor and felony prosecutor and, most often, as a civil deputy and Senior Civil Attorney.

County Recorder

Patty Hansen

County Recorder Patty Hansen

Patty Hansen is the incumbent County Recorder.  She is seeking re-election so that she can continue to ensure that our elections are fair, accurate and secure, and that our important property records are preserved. The Recorder’s office will continue to be open, fair and responsive to everyone under Patty's leadership.  She further states that she would appreciate your vote.

To learn more about Patty's campaign, follow her Facebook page here.

County Treasurer

Sarah Benatar

Sarah Benatar is the incumbent County Treasurer.

County Assessor

Armando Ruiz

Armando Ruiz is the incumbent County Assessor.

County Superintendent of Schools

Tommy Lewis

Dr. Tommy Lewis was appointed to the post of County Superintendent in November 2019 to serve out the term of the previously elected Superintendent. Lewis is running for election on November 3. Tommy Lewis comes to this position after a long career in educational administration, including his last position as Superintendent of Schools for the Navajo Nation Department of Dine’ Education, where he oversaw 260 schools and 85,000 students. Lewis earned three degrees from Northern Arizona University. You can read more about his career in this recent Arizona Daily Sun article.

County Sheriff

Jim Driscoll

Jim Driscoll is the incumbent County Sheriff.

Democrats Running in the Non-Partisan City Council Election -- Flagstaff

Mayor City of Flagstaff

Paul Deasy

Paul Deasy grew up in Flagstaff, and is the father of 4 children. He is a policy analyst at NAU with master's degrees in economics and political science, and formally worked at the National Science Foundation. Paul advises state laws in higher education, and ran a close race for City Council in 2018.

To learn more about Paul's campaign, visit his website and follow him on Facebook

Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Becky Daggett


Becky is deeply committed to Flagstaff and has spent more than 20 years here creating good public policy, protecting open space, enacting smart growth strategies, supporting local businesses, and strengthening support for the arts and education. Throughout her career at Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, the City of Flagstaff, the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, the Flagstaff Family Food Center,  the Flagstaff Arts Council, and Outlaw Dirty Money, Becky has proven she's an effective and thoughtful leader. Her guiding principles have always been—and will continue to be—focused on inclusivity, thoughtful decision making, generosity of spirit, hard work, and honest conversations. Want to know more? Visit Becky’s website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Anthony Garcia


A third-generation son of Flagstaff, Anthony Garcia brings a local’s perspective to leadership within our community. Anthony comes uniquely positioned to serve our city council by providing historical insight while embracing current innovation that will help guide future policy.  He has over 12 years of experience as a community advocate at the city hall on a myriad of complex issues regarding Equity, Environmental Sustainability, Open Space preservation, Affordable Housing and water resource management/Conservation.  To learn more, go to Anthony's website or Facebook page.

Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Eric Nolan

Eric states that he has lived anything but a traditional life. Coming from a rough upbringing in Los Angeles, it took the majority of his 20s to find himself and a path in life. At the age of 30, he began a quest of education starting with community college that has led him to where he's at now - completing a doctoral degree in education here at NAU. He has an educational background in environmental sciences, sustainable communities, and now education itself.

To learn more about Eric's campaign, visit his website and follow him on Facebook.


Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Jim McCarthy


The Flagstaff voters elected Jim McCarthy to City Council in 2016.  Before that, he served on the Flagstaff Planning and Zoning Commission for six years, and on the Water Commission for five years.  Jim first became politically active with the Sierra Club; among other positions, he served as chapter chair for the Grand Canyon Chapter (the all-Arizona chapter) and as chair for the Flagstaff area group.

To learn more about Jim, visit his website at https://www.mccarthyforflagstaff.org/ and follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mccarthy.for.flag/

Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Eric Senseman

Eric is running for City Council because he believes that young leaders with progressive values can positively impact the growth and development of Flagstaff. He seeks to protect and enlarge open spaces and trail access, expand environmentally sustainable policies, and promote social and economic equality as the city grows. Eric received both his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy and currently works for two local companies, Squirrel's Nut Butter and Sundog Running.
Learn more about Eric and his campaign through his website and Facebook page.



Flagstaff City Council (3 seats open)

Miranda Sweet

For the past 18 years, Sweet has been the owner of Rainbows End, a downtown business featuring clothing, shoes and locally made jewelry. Miranda is also the Community Outreach Coordinator at Flagstaff Birth, Breastfeeding, and Women's Center. As an eight-year Board Member of the Flagstaff Leadership Program, Sweet volunteered her time to mentor the next generation of Flagstaff leaders. Sweet is currently serving on the airport commission and is part of the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance, as well as an active member of Local First Arizona.

To learn more about Miranda's campaign, visit her website and follow her on Facebook.