AZ Legislative Alert – May 8, 2023


MAY 8, 2023


The Republicans are now back to 30 members so have the majority back.   The replacement for Liz Harris is Julie Willoughby.  She ran with Harris in 2022 as a team.  She says she is NOT an election denier – seems that was one of the criteria established by the Maricopa County Commissioners for them to approve elevation to the legislature as Harris’ replacement.  

The first budget bills will be seen in committee tomorrow, Monday, so we’ll have to see what they are like.  Governor Hobbs has said that the budget agreement was “close”.  Will the Democrats support the budget even if Governor Hobbs has negotiated with Republicans on it?  The truth is in the details.  

Governor Hobbs signed the bill that extends funding for the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.  This school has been in operation since 1912!!  Normally its funding gets renewed for an 8-year period.  The House passed an 8-year extension unanimously but the Senate refused to consider it for unknown reasons.  This, of course, made those who run and attend this school become seriously concerned since they were never part of the legislative discussions and had no idea what the issues were.  The Senate finally amended the bill to continue funding for 2 years and required a new assessment of operations – this despite the fact that a recent study of the school found NO issues.  A final bill was passed but it only extended funding for 4 years.  Governor Hobbs chastised the Republicans for putting the School through an unnecessary and arbitrary crisis. 

Send a note to our state Representatives as well on a number of still active and potentially approved bills:

OPPOSE SB 1278 – a bill to limit cities’ and towns’ ability to protect their residents via local building codes provisions related to affordability, energy and public health.

OPPOSE SB 1312, SB 1313, SB 1314 – bills that would hinder efforts by local governments and the state to reduce traffic and promote public transit and biking.

OPPOSE SB 1139, SB 1500 – bills to prohibit consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when deciding on state investments!

OPPOSE SB 1141 – a bill that requires additional voter ID to drop off an early ballot – would further make voting more difficult!

Here is the contact information for our Legislators:


LD 1  – Ken Bennett 602-926-5874

LD 7 – Wendy Rogers   602-926-3042

LD 6 – Theresa Hatathlie 602-926-5160

President Warren Petersen 602-926-4136

Majority Ldr Sonny Borrelli 602-926-5031

Minority Ldr Denise Epstein 602-926-4870


LD 1 – Selina Bliss 602-926-4018

LD 1 – Quang Nguyen 602-926-3258

LD 7 – David Cook 602-926-5162

LD 7 – David Marshall 602-926-3579

LD 6 – Mae Peshlakai 602-926-3708

LD 6 – Myron Tsosie 602-926-3157

Speaker Ben Toma 602-926-3298

Majority Ldr Leo Biasiucci 602-926-3018

Minority Ldr Andres Cano 602-926-3027

E-Mail Contact for Governor Katie Hobbs:

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