Birth Control

  • The Trump administration just heartlessly weakened an ACA mandate that requires insurers to provide coverage for no-cost contraception.  Hundreds of thousands of American women will be at risk of losing access to birth control if their employers chose to seek an exemption from this Obama-era rule.
  • The ACA requirement has saved women billions of dollars in prescription costs.  For some women, this sudden cost increase could mean choosing between paying for preventive care and paying their rent.
  • Our sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues, and neighbors will use some form of birth control in their lifetime, and over two-thirds of Americans support guaranteed no-cost contraceptive coverage.
  • Reproductive care is not a luxury – it’s an economic necessity.

Democrats believe that all Americans should be able to make decisions about their health with their doctors, not their employer.  We will never stop fighting to ensure that contraceptive care remains affordable and accessible.

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