FEDERAL ACTION ALERT – October 30, 2023

Produced by Democrats of the Red Rocks and Coconino County Democratic Party

A. Ask President Biden to work much harder to secure a cease fire between Israel and
Hamas NOW!!
Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people – in fact they are using
them as shields. Israel has been attacked and has the right to defend itself. This
weekend Israel has initiated an expanded ground offensive in Gaza. Prior to this
weekend, some 7000 Palestinians have died, many of whom are women and children.
Over 1400 Israelis have died and at least 229 people are being held by Hamas as
hostages. In Gaza, supplies of food, medicine and fuel for running emergency
generators are running dangerously low. A near total blackout of internet and cell
phone service has existed in Gaza for the last week or so. It’s time to stop the violence
and work out the issues in a civilized way. Ask President Biden to use his considerable
influence and resources to make a cease fire happen ASAP!!

B. Demand our House Representative, Eli Crane, support gun safety legislation NOW!!
The shooting in Lewiston, Maine by Robert Card once again highlights the need for
effective gun safety legislation. This shooting resulted in 18 dead and 13 wounded by an
AR-15 carrying deranged man. Card had been hospitalized this summer for mental
health issues but still was able to purchase the weapon of war he used in the killings
“legally”. It’s time to pass effective background checks on ALL gun purchases – checks
that would identify people with mental health issues or that have demonstrated violent
tendencies. As if this date some 35,479 lives have been lost to gun violence in 2023! A
full 80% of Americans (including 71% of Republicans) support universal background
checks for all gun sales!! It’s time our Representative stop his macho posturing and do
the adult thing – fully support universal background checks on all gun sales NOW!!

C. Let our House Representative and the new Speaker, Mike Johnson, know that we
expect them to represent the values of the majority of their constituents and NOT
those values they appear to support.
Eli Crane voted to elect Mike Johnson Speaker of
the House, second in line to the Presidency. Mike Johnson voted against certifying the
2020 election results, he called the day that Roe was overturned “a historic and joyful
day”, he supports a nationwide ban on abortion – with no exceptions, has a long and
harsh history of anti-LGBTQ+ advocacy, he has spearheaded resolutions to cut Social
Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as to raise the retirement age, he has declared
that the cause of school shootings is the teaching of evolution!! It would appear that Eli
Crane fully supports all these positions. Demand that these Representatives reject
these values and do their job of governing for ALL Americans!!

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC); Email via his website at
https://www.kelly.senate.gov/contact/. Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327. Email via her website at
https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten. Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema.

Rep. Eli Crane: Call (202) 225-3361 (DC) or email via website at
https://crane.house.gov/contact. Tag the Congressman @RepEliCrane

President Biden: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House,
202-225-2777 (DC) or email via website at:
https://mikejohnson.house.gov/contact/ Tag the Congressman @RepMikeJohnson

Senator Mitch McConnell:
Email: https://www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactForm
Call: 202-224-2541

Senator Tommy Tuberville:
Email: https://www.tuberville.senate.gov/contact-old/contact-form/
Call: 202-224-4124

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