Fraudit Ending?

The grifters and conspiracy theorists running the so-called “Arizona Audit” will have a press conference tomorrow (Friday) at 4 p.m. to announce their findings. (But not to release a written report.) As Arizona Mirror journalist Jeremy Duda tweeted today, quoting David Becker of The Center for Election Innovation and Research:

“Nobody has ever released what they think to be good news at 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon in the history of the United States or any other place on earth. So it’s clear how they view the credibility of the report.”

In an Election Innovations press call today, longtime Republican campaign lawyer Ben Ginsberg said if the audit team tomorrow says they can’t definitively say who won Maricopa County, “that’s a cop-out.” He notes that Senate President Karen Fann has said the audit team had everything it needed.

On-again, off-again audit liaison Ken Bennett told a right-wing online news station yesterday that the auditors turned over their final draft report to President Fann and her team on Monday, and the Senate team is “vetting” it ahead of tomorrow’s release. That was reported by The Daily Agenda this morning, along with these details:

Bennett offered a preview of the contents and the cast of conspiracists that will present to the Senate:

  • Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas CEO and longtime fraud believer who claimed machines were switching votes on ballots and starred in a mockumentary about the audit, will present on behalf of Cyber Ninjas. Bennett didn’t say what portion of the audit he will cover. 
  • Ben Cotton, head of CyFIR, LLC, who alongside Logan was listed as an expert witness in the widely discredited Antrim County, Michigan, fraud case, will present his findings on the election machines. 
  • Shiva Ayyadurai, an election and COVID-19 misinformation superspreader who goes by “Dr. Shiva” online and was an online favorite to replace Dr. Anthony Fauci (despite the fact that he’s not a real medical doctor) will present his findings on ballot signatures.
  • Randy Pullen, the former Arizona Republican Party chair who locked Bennett out of the audit after Bennett started to raise doubt, will talk about the Senate’s “third count” of ballots. It required a third count after auditors claimed their initial count didn’t match the number of ballots that the county had, likely because auditors’ counts were wrong. If it was the county’s numbers that were off, we would have heard about it, though auditors never fessed up about the numbers. 
  • Bennett will present on the ways Maricopa County failed to meet and comply with statutes and election procedures.

Bennett said he is “100% confident that what’s in this report is substantiated by the facts and the evidence and the truth.” 

He then went on to talk about how the Senate also wants to review the debunked canvass done by a third party (wink, wink) after the Senate explicitly promised the U.S. Department of Justice that it would not do a canvass, which the department said would be a form of voter intimidation. 

Bennett noted that much of that reportincluding its cover page, then the cover page that replaced the original, has already been debunked, but continued to insist that the Attorney General’s Office should look into the canvass’ findings anyway. 

The audit still won’t be over after tomorrow’s circus performance. Fann has promised additional volumes, and there’s also the work of the special master with the routers. And even though the audit will allegedly someday be done in Arizona, the plague initiated here has spread to other parts of the country.

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