Have a Question About a Call You Received from “The Democratic Party?”

We understand there are calls going out to Democrats throughout the state from people identifying themselves as calling “from the Democratic Party.” We have received numerous complaints about these calls, which name one of the two candidates for U.S. Senate. Please be aware that these calls do not originate with the Coconino Democratic Party. Instead, they come from the “Coordinated Campaign” which, in Flagstaff, is operating out of an office on 4th Street, not our Headquarters downtown.

Our position has been and remains that the Democratic Party is neutral in all contested races until after the primary on August 28. We believe the primary voters have the right to instruct the party who our candidates will be.

We understand that the “Coordinated Campaign” is not controlled at the highest levels by the Arizona Democratic Party but rather takes its orders from Washington. Rather than sending complaints to us or to the officers of the Arizona Democratic Party, please send them to Jon Sutton ( ).

Then, get involved with the Democratic Party and change it.

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