Independent Redistricting Commission Update

The Independent Redistricting Commission has a new website.  It is not fully built out, but meeting notices and agendas are available.   The link is  

The next meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:00 a.m.   Here’s a link to watch it:  

The link for public comments will be activated a bit after 9:00 and remain open until just before the meeting adjourns.   That link is

On the agenda is an initial discussion about the impact of the delay of census data until the end of September.  Please consider making public comments during the meeting.  Here are suggestions, some from Deborah Howard: 

  • The delay in census data provides time for the Commission, and the public, to become experts about Arizona and about redistricting in Arizona.   To that end, please bring in expert speakers on the criteria required by Prop 106, and provide several avenues for public input.         
  • The delay in census data provides time to have formal presentations from advocacy organizations serving voters protected by the Voting Rights Act. 
  • I encourage the Commission to host formal presentations from legal experts to discuss the toughest decisions involving redistricting in Arizona.
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