Letter to Local Democrats

from Bryan Bates

Nothing’s “Normal” in Sex Development

Scientists have used mice to better understand human reproduction because mice and our endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems are very similar. The effects of different chemical conditions on mice signal potential effects on humans.
In the 1980’s, Dr. Von Saal (Univ Missouri) (1) noticed that if a pregnant, non-medicated mouse had a male embryo surrounded by female embryos, then the male would display female characteristics due to greater female hormone exposure. Conversely, a female embryo surrounded by males would show male characteristics; however, a clutch of one sex or equal distribution of sexes would produce offspring with “expected” sex behaviors. There’s no “normal”, because normal is diversity. Human babies are exposed to different hormone concentrations during their development. Unfortunately, individuals who have physical attributes of one sex yet show behaviors of the opposite sex are often socially chastised. What’s disturbing is that projecting expected behavior on babies/children/adults who had a different developmental environment has become a political tool to intimidate and ostracize those individuals. These people didn’t choose their sexual pathway any more than a child can choose their parents. With synthetic chemicals now surrounding us, sex differences will become more nuanced (2).

These humans are entitled to “the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. The current effort by fanatics comes from a fear of what’s different, when different may lead to survival of themselves and potentially others. Punishing people for things beyond their control by those who fear something they can’t control is not only anti-Christian, but simply wrong. Let’s embrace biodiversity, as it’s the one thing that’s driven life on Earth.
Bryan Bates,
Flagstaff, Az.

1 Colburn, T., et. al. 1997 Our Stolen Future
2 Swan, S, 2022, COUNTDOWN

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