Letter to the Editor: Vote for democratic candidates in LD6

Democracy runs on local control and the voice of the people. Flagstaff’s voters approved the minimum wage increase in 2016. Businesses couldn’t believe that the people supported this and state government feared this action to improve living standards for the people would infect other cities.

So with massive amounts of dark money, a repeal of this law appeared on the 2018 ballot. Once again voters upheld it. Shocked that the people did not fall for their attempt to get the voters to roll over and submit to their wishes, they had to resort to more desperate measures. Instead of the state honoring their obligation to enforce the will of the people to fund this law, especially in a year with a billion dollar surplus, they are choosing to punish this uppity city. The legislature is forcing a $1,000,000 tax upon Flagstaff to pay for the will of the people. Of course they call it something else, but make no mistake, this a tax!

So when Ducey and the Republicans crow about no new taxes, they are not being truthful. We need to turn the legislature blue to restore local control, state responsibility and honesty. Please vote for the democratic candidates for LD6, Coral Evans and Felicia French.



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