Push businesses to halt assault weapon sales

Save Our Children from Gun Violence (SOC) is a Flagstaff dedicated citizens group concerned about the national epidemic of gun violence. We’re fortunate that in Flagstaff there has been very little gun violence. But, true of potential hazards, it’s not if, it’s when.

Gun incidents have increased each year over the past several years as have resultant deaths. In 2017 nationwide, there were 61,890 shootings, 15,649 deaths including 732 children under 12 years. Gun advocates say we need better mental health screening, which we agree with, but then contend that gun access somehow makes one safer. Yet, common sense makes it pretty obvious that more guns do not make people safer.

We understand, business depends on sales throughout the year and Christmas, but is the increased profit worth your or family member’s death? We’re asking store managers to stop selling assault style weapons and accessories now thru 2020. When Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped sales on assault weapons, they had an upswing in other sales.

We believe, as you may, that celebrating Christ’s birth should celebrate peace and living together. We ask you, the reader, to respectfully ask store managers to remove assault weapons and accessories for a minimum of one year or longer. We want local businesses to succeed, and our families to survive.

If a store manager refuses to stop selling assault weapons and accessories, then SOC is prepared to protest with banners telling potential customers to boycott their store, as protected under the 1st Amendment. We will publicly thank and support those stores that stop assault weapon sales.

Flagstaff’s Save Our Children from Gun Violence

Sue Strobel, Founding Member

Bryan Bates, James Hasapis, Louise Hublitz, Mark Alexander, Dani Potvin, Sharon Edgar, Sallie Premro

From AZ Daily Sun  December 3, 2018Push businesses to halt assault weapon sales

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