Reintroduced EICDA needs support of O’Halleran

The newly reintroduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 (EICDA) finally provides hope for bending the greenhouse emission curve downward. With bipartisan sponsors, the bill provides a gradually rising price on carbon but doesn’t result in new costs to, or expansion, of the government. The collected funds are returned to Americans. Most of us, particularly the less affluent, will actually put more money in our pockets as the received dividends will offset changes in energy pricing for the majority of Americans.

EICDA will provide incentives for clean energy with 2.1 million new jobs predicted, all while carbon dioxide emissions are continuously reduced. The bill provides assurances that annual goals will be met while providing an exemption for GHGs by the military (1 percent). Offering effective climate policy without inflicting economic distress, EICDA absolutely merits the support of Congressman O’Halleran and our Arizona congressional delegation.


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