Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner: We Need You There!

It’s going to be fun.  The theme of the evening is “Ready to Win.” The money raised will fuel our ground game through the Midterm Election — we need your help!

Buy Tickets!

The Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner is the largest fund-raising effort of the year for the Coconino County Democratic Party.  Proceeds from ticket sales and the telephone and live auctions support operations of the Coconino County Democratic Party, including grassroots organizing, keeping the office open, and paying the salary of our Operations Manager.

Our keynote speaker is Jevin Hodge. Jevin is a Millennial Inspirational Speaker, noted as “America’s Leading Young Agent for Change” and author of L.Y.F.E. – Living Young Free and Extravagant. He travels the nation speaking to millennials, community leaders, and organizations on how to mobilize, attract, educate, and retain young talent. Jevin is also a vice-chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Award is announced each year at the Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner. The Award is presented annually to members of our community whose work and service to the people of Coconino County embody the ideals of Eleanor Roosevelt. Though she never held elected office, Mrs. Roosevelt was viewed as a tireless defender of the average American.  She was the champion of the underdog. She said, “I see it as our duty to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”  This year’s nominees are Helene Babbitt, Greta Murphy, Lori Polini-Staudinger, and Bill Pribil.

Our 2018 Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner will be March 10, 2018, at Little America Hotel.

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