Social Security Positions Crucial in Congressional District 1

Is your calendar circled for the day your Social Security check is deposited into your bank account? Do you plan your bill paying – and retired life in general —  and retired life in general — around that all-important date every month?

If you answered yes, you should take a close look at the stark differences between the candidates for District 1. They are polar opposites on many issues, but their views on Social Security could affect the security of your retirement income and your quality of life.

Republican Wendy Rogers has stated that Social Security is unconstitutional and should be phased out, or at least privatized. Her campaign website doesn’t address Social Security, perhaps because she hopes citizens who depend on Social Security won’t be aware of her past statements. Wendy Rogers believes that Social Security is an entitlement, not a commitment to seniors after a lifetime of hard work.

Democrat Tom O’Halleran wants to protect and strengthen Social Security.

He voted against the FY 2018 House Republican Budget Resolution, which proposed to take $4 billion from Social Security, and voted against the GOP Tax Bill. Representative O’Halleran contends that “The heavy-handed cuts to Social Security and Medicare will end the programs as we know it and take resources and care away from elderly Arizonans who have worked hard their entire life.”


Source: Social security positions crucial in District 1, Arizona Daily Sun, 9/28/2018

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