Take Action: April 2

There is much to advocate for and we’ve been posting a lot of suggestions for action on our Facebook page. We’re going to try to break down some specific Calls to Action by day so as not to overwhelm you with requests.

Ask Governor Ducey to Send Funds for Shelter Services

Coconino County is second only to Navajo County in the number of COVID-19 cases. The jail has released a number of people who now need shelter services. Flagstaff Shelter Services is overwhelmed. The Governor has $5 million in discretionary funds for housing issues like this. Call him and ask him to send funds to Flagstaff now!


Send an email as well:

Submit a Question to Ducey’s Townhall

He’s doing a COVID-19 town hall at 6 p.m. tonight. Submit a question.


(1) Our fire department and healthcare providers are short of personal protective gear. What is being done to increase the supply and to distribute fairly what is available?

(2) Ask for the shelter services funds as discussed above.

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