Letter to the Editor: Asking Sheriff Driscoll if ICE policy is revised

Last week ICE announced that they will limit arrests of undocumented individuals to only the most dangerous criminals until the coronavirus crisis passes.

Over a week ago, we asked Sheriff Driscoll if he had revised his policy of holding undocumented individuals for up to 48 additional hours in the Coconino County jail, for the purpose of handing them over to ICE. We want to know if his policy has changed in light of ICE’s new policy. We think it is important that it change and we want to be assured that Sheriff Driscoll is not unnecessarily endangering our community.

Sheriff Driscoll has not responded. He has not acknowledged our concerns in any way.

The safety and general well-being of all people in the county and individuals in custody depends on thoughtful jail policy during this crisis. A decision to continue the previous policy of detaining non-violent individuals with undocumented status, in light of the current pandemic and the new ICE policy, would be exceedingly dangerous.

We call on Sheriff Driscoll to clarify his policy to the public.

Marcus Ford, Sandra Lubarsky, Miguel Vasquez, Peggy Scurlock, Marilyn Weissman, Robert Neustadt, Erika Hess, Deborah McFatter, Larry McFatter, Sara Aleman

Keep Flagstaff Together Steering Committee

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