What’s Next?

We hope you’ve been able to take a deep breath following the election. Joe Biden’s win was a necessary step in preserving our democracy, but not a sufficient one. There is much work to be done. Let’s all be patient — and work on Georgia for now.

As Joyce Vance said, “Democrats, instead of beating yourselves up over what you didn’t get down in this election, have a moment of grace. Congratulate yourselves on what you did right and start building and organizing now for next time. Nurture your young leaders and let them spread their wings.”

So, in that spirit: At a local level, our County can look forward to a mix of new energy and experience on our Board of Supervisors, which is will be populated by five Democrats for the next four years. In the City of Flagstaff, we have a Democrat as Mayor and all three council seats on the ballot are filled by Democrats. At the state level, we added a fine Democrat to the Corporation Commission, Anna Tovar, and sent a second Democrat to the U.S. Senate. We held our U.S. House seat in spite of significant losses by similar centrist Democrats around the country.

We’ve begun the process of analyzing data from election returns and county party leaders will be seeking lessons from that process as well as by looking at other aspects of this election.

Meanwhile, in preparation for 2022, it’s time to elect party leadership. Our county elections will be December 12. State Party elections are January 23. If you are a precinct committee person, this is your task — elect the folks you think can lead us to victory in 2022.

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