Wrong-Headed Way to Reopen Economy by AZ Legislature

The Arizona legislature, dominated of course by Republicans, wants to prevent lawsuits against businesses that have ignored commonsense health guidelines during the pandemic, Lobbyists claim these restrictions are “key to Arizona’s comeback.” But if the normal disincentives for negligent behavior are removed during a pandemic, won’t that discourage people from coming out of their homes and patronizing businesses?

Of course, it will. And, our radical GOP Senator Wendy Rogers is right there with the majority supporting Senate Bill 1377.

The proposal also runs afoul of the state Constitution, which says the right to sue and recover damages from injuries “shall never be abrogated.” If this isn’t an “abrogation” of a constitutional right, what is?

Read more: “Suing over COVID-19 infections, deaths would be ‘incredibly difficult’ under legislation at Capitol,” Arizona Republic 2/26/2021

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