Your View: Vote for scientific literacy

Mr. Patel, a local hotel owner, recently voiced his concern in the Daily Sun that the lack of snow is hurting his business and that the increased likelihood of forest fires in the summer will also be bad for business. Global warming, in other words, is not good for the local economy.

Bob Thorpe, our State Representative, calls climate change, “Global Warming Hysteria” and says it is “just a convenient theory to justify greater Federal control over the states.” His proposal: let’s do nothing to reduce Co2 emissions.

My suggestion to Mr. Patel and anyone who’s worried about local business and climate change: Vote Bob Thorpe out of office in 2018 and replace him with someone who will be good for the local economy and good for the planet. We need public officials who are scientifically literate and who can think more than one election cycle ahead.



Ed. Note: State Senator Sylvia Allen is just as bad as Thorpe.

Source: Your View: Vote for scientific literacy

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