30 Actions You Can Take Now On Gun Violence Prevention or GVP

30 Actions You Can Take Now On Gun Violence Prevention Or GVP:

1. Donate to a gun violence prevention group. Money is always a good thing
2. Call your Member of Congress and tell them that GVP is important to you
3. Write a letter to the editor in your local paper
4. Post a Facebook message on your representative’s Facebook page
5. Post a tweet to your reps on twitter
6. Learn and educate yourself about the issue of guns in America
7. Join a local GVP group that you think meets your needs
8. Join a local GVP event or rally
9. ASK. Participate in the ASK Campaign. Ask, is there a gun in the home where your child plays?
10. Donate to politicians that make GVP a focus for their work and campaigns
11. Call your local and state representitives. (LD6) Local politics is key for GVP reform
12. Learn about Gun Laws. Federal, State, and local. They are confusing. Learn.
13. If you have guns in the home, learn how to prevent children from getting access to them
14. Ask your local organizations and shops about their gun policies and ask that they display them
15. Join a campaign to get companies to ban guns in their stories
16. Join a local voter registration drive. We need people to vote!
17. Register to vote
18. Vote!!!
19. Hold a public vigil for gun violence victims in your community
20. Post facts and information about GVP on social media for your friends and family
21. Don’t engage with gun trolls. Block them on social media. Block.
22. Volunteer for politicians that support GVP and common sense gun laws
23. Speak at your house of worship about gun violence
24. Buy some awesome GVP clothes or loot and wear it in your community
25. Get your book club to read a good book about guns in our culture
26. Register for the annual Brady summit in DC
27. Pledge to support only candidates that are pro GVP. Become a one issue voter
28. Pledge to unload your 401k. Don’t invest in the gun industry
29. Sign the petition for safe gun storage
30. College student? Join the Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus.
31. Shop with Amazon? Make sure that your Amazon Smile purchases support you favorite GVP group.


Borrowed from http://www.30guncontrolactionsyoucantakenow.com/

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