Wendy Rogers: Wrong for AZ Senate

Legislative District 6 Deserves Better than This Republican Character and competence are on the ballot this year, a proposition applicable to all campaigns, including state and local races. However, as right-leaning Arizona Daily Independent News Network notes, Wendy Rogers, the Republican candidate for State Senate, cannot run on the issues “because she doesn’t know them.” […]

Rogers Social Security, Medicare plans dangerous

I am highly concerned about candidate Wendy Rogers’ plans for dismantling and/or privatizing Social Security and Medicare. These are both plans to which I have contributed during my entire working life, and now, as a senior citizen on a fixed and limited budget, I count on them! I’m sure that most AZ seniors count on […]

CC Dems Meet as General Election Deadlines Draw Closer

Seventy-one enthusiastic Dems attended our monthly Democratic Action and Quarterly Business Meeting on Saturday, August 8, determined as ever to ensure the election in November of all of our outstanding Democratic candidates. Special thanks to Flagstaff mayoral candidate Paul Deasy and council candidates Anthony Garcia, Jim McCarthy, and Eric Senseman for participating, along with Coconino […]

Barton Lying About Nurses Association Endorsement

Republican LD-6 House Candidate Brenda Barton has come under fire for misusing the endorsement logo of Arizona Nurses Association PAC on her campaign website. Barton was endorsed by them in 2016, when she last ran, but hasn’t earned their endorsement this time around because of her rejection of science related to COVID-19. (Barton termed out […]

Sylvia Allen Says She Won’t Run!

Jeremy Duda, Arizona Mirror reporter, tweeted this morning that LD-6 State Senator Sylvia Allen says she won’t run for another term, even though she’s not termed out in until 2022. This is good news for Democrat Felicia French, who has announced she’ll run for the seat after losing her AZ House bid by just a […]

Thank you. Now, we move forward.

Thank you to the folks of Coconino County who came out to help our party move our City, our State, and our Nation in the direction of justice, fairness, and opportunity. To everyone who served as a precinct committee person or outreach volunteer or financial donor over the last 2 years and to everyone who […]

House Republicans Are Gaslighting Their Constituents

House Republicans proposed an additional $646 billion in tax cuts this week — a number that could grow to roughly $2 trillion over a decade. Background: The tax cuts for individuals under the original Republican tax law pushed through in December 2017 are mostly set to expire by 2025. Only the law’s tax changes for corporations were permanent […]