A Year from Tomorrow…

One year from tomorrow, you’ll wake up and the Election will be over. What you wake up to then will be determined by what happens now, and for the next year. Make the choice. Spend this time so you won’t regret what you didn’t do.

In Arizona, this year has more importance than in many states. Our votes and those of our neighbors are many times more likely than those of other Americans to determine whether we slide deeper—maybe irrevocably—into Trumpist division, lawlessness, and plutocracy. Or whether we choose something better.

Arizona has one more electoral vote than Wisconsin and is just as likely to vote for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Furthermore, we have a great opportunity to send a second Democratic Senator to Washington, which is one of three seats needed to take Mitch McConnell out of control there. And, our Legislative District-6 is key to flipping control of the Arizona Legislature from the radically conservative Republicans who have run our schools into the ground, made our university tuition out of reach, and stolen government authority from our cities, towns, and counties.

That’s why the Coconino County Democratic Party has been organizing like it’s Election Day already. We’re knocking on doors and making phone calls every week. We’re working from Page to Ashfork and everywhere in between down to the Yavapai County line. Join one of our canvasses, phonebanks, or get connected in your neighborhood.

The importance of our votes on November 3, 2020, is why all of us, anywhere, have to ask ourselves how much the future means to us. And what we’re willing to do to fight for it.

It’s why we have to be rigorous. Rigorous with our strategy—with deciding where to put our one finite resource, time. To choose the things that will matter most one year from now. To live the way we’ll want to remember ourselves to have lived at a time that will shape history.

Find out what you can sustain the energy to do, and commit to doing it.

Then help those who are doing all the other things that need to be done. Donate. Set a budget for political giving that feels audaciously big for this year, and plan to exceed it. Think about how you’ll feel on November 4, 2020. Then give early (now) when it matters most. Become a monthly donor so it’s less of a hit for you and so we know we can count on you from now through Election Day.

Use your time. Invest your money.  And lastly, commit to hope. There will be dark moments this year. We see unspeakable darkness already. It defeats you only when you give up.

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