Action Alert: Demand “Regular Order” on Healthcare Bill

While DC and the world were distracted by James Comey this week, Republicans in the Senate pushed ahead with their closed-door drafting of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. On Friday, Senator Claire McCaskill reacted during a heated exchange with Senator Hatch in the Senate Finance Committee.  We’re asking you to join Senator McCaskill in demanding that Senate Republicans hold open hearings as they draft their health care bill. Contact Senator McCain and Senator Flake: Tell them you’re with Claire!

Make no mistake: This repeal will be a disaster for American families:

  • It’s likely that the Senate’s repeal will end Medicaid expansion. It doesn’t matter the exact timeline – ending the Medicaid expansion on any timeline will hurt millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who have benefitted from this expansion.
  •  The Senate bill will likely still undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions, take health care away from millions, hurt service in rural areas, and more.

As Senator McCaskill says, we still haven’t seen the legislative text. It’s being drafted in darkness and rushed through the Senate by Mitch McConnell. The specific language must see the light of day immediately. 

Democrats will continue fighting to protect health care for all Americans while Republicans continue to play politics with people’s lives. Senate Democrats have long stood ready to work with their Republican counterparts to improve our health care system.

  • We believe health care is a right for all human beings, and we’re fighting every day to protect health care for families in Arizona and across the country.
  • If Republicans truly want to improve health care, they should end attempts to repeal Obamacare and work with Democrats to build on the ACA.

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