Action Alert: Open the Government

It’s not funny anymore. People have been suffering. Public safety is in question at airports, coastlines, and federal courthouses. The FBI can’t do its job for lack of supplies. Our leaders are calling for a nationwide action to put pressure on Republican Senators to reopen the government.

Message from Speaker Pelosi: Personal stories make a difference. You should assume that your call is the one that will make the difference. Republicans are throwing a lot of money at this but “they are astroturf, not grassroots.” We — you — are the grassroots. We’re working with unions and advocacy groups all over the country but every call, every email, every tweet, every personal visit to a Senate office can make a difference.

This is very simple: The Senate simply has to vote yes on the same bills that passed unanimously in December. Instead, Leader McConnell is going to put on a political show on Thursday, bringing to the floor a bill that would give Trump his wall money (not enough to actually build it, but the $5.7 billion he’s asking for this year).

Note well: Trump didn’t ask for this money as part of his appropriation request in the last two year. He’s just pulled it out of a hat now that Democrats control the House.

Putting federal employees and contractors into food lines, shutting down medical care for Native Americans, and endangering public safety is reckless and immoral. Let’s let our voices be heard:

Call Senator McSally: 202-224-2235

Call Senator Sinema: 202-224-4521

Send emails:

When you call or write, make it personal: Say where you live. If you know a government worker who has been affected, talk about the impact of their life. If you’ve seen problems in our parks or forests, talk about that. If you are a government worker or a federal contractor out of work, please call. Senators have a responsibility to open the government and should not hold American working families hostage for a divisive border wall.

Tweet at Senators: #jobsnotwalls Take photos of your unpaid bills and attach the picture to your tweet. Take photos of damage to the forest, of closed offices, of people in food lines. Use the #jobsnotwalls hashtag as well as #MitchShutdown and #TrumpShutdown.

Remember: Seeking asylum is not a criminal act. There is no national emergency at the southern border. The national emergency and threat to our national security is this shutdown. ACT!

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