Action Alert – Sen. Judiciary Hearing on Judge Gorsuch

The Senate’s leadership is going to try to push Gorsuch’s hearing through with as little drama as possible, but Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is more likely to stand up and ask the tough questions—if he knows his voters want him to. 

If you run into resistance when speaking with Senator Flake’s staff, remind them that Judge Merrick Garland never got a hearing before this committee — an unprecedented insult to a sitting President and a respected Court of Appeals Judge.

So, ask Senator Flake to demand answers from Judge Gorsuch on the rights of minorities to seek protection from the courts. Judge Garland has expressed doubt about this in the past, writing in 2005 that “American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom … as the primary means of effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage” to other issues. 

Here are some questions to ask Senator Flake to ask Judge Garland:

  • Is it an “addiction” to seek protection under the Voting Rights Act?
  • Is it an “addiction” to seek protection from bullying in the schools based on one’s gender identity?
  • Is it an “addiction” for women to seek equal pay and freedom from harassment at their places of employment? 
  • Can Americans expect the federal courts to protect their Constitutional rights or should those rights be put to the popular vote?

Here are Senator Flake’s phone numbers: 

Washington: 202-224-4521
Phoenix: 602-840-1891


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