Allen’s comments prove she is not fit to serve

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but Sylvia Allen, the state senator representing Flagstaff and the rest of Legislative District 6, is a white supremacist. I’ve considered this deeply in the days since her shocking remarks, and there’s no other logical or meaningful interpretation.

She referred to research on the “browning of America,” and then she stated that “we’re gonna look like South American countries very quickly.” But the clincher came next: “The median age of a white woman is 43. The median age of a Hispanic woman is 27. We are not reproducing ourselves with birthrate.”

All of this was presented in the innocent seeming context of the need to “assimilate” immigrants. But the “we” that she here identifies herself with is clearly white people. For anyone to express concern about America in terms of its changing skin tone, while self-identifying with and lamenting lower white birthrates, is to see America itself — the “we” of our nation’s fabric — as fundamentally white; and consequently, to see the browning of our nation as a threat to that whiteness.

One does not have to wear a white hood, chant “Blood and Soil!” or drive a car into anti-racist protesters in order to be a white supremacist. All it takes is the belief, clearly evident here, that “our” America is a white America. And anyone who worries about the health of our diverse nation in terms of the reproduction of their own race is not fit to serve it.

Remember in November.



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