Anti-Sinema ads exhausting well before election

Enough already! It is two months before the election and I am suffocated by the anti-Sinema campaign ads on television. As a resident of Northern AZ, I have appreciated Kyrsten Sinema’s common sense votes and actions during her time in Congress.

Like Rep. Tom O’Halleran, she represents a diverse district with moderation. She has been up front in her intentions.

The Republican TV ads, sponsored by Rep. McSally and others, imply that her past profession of defense attorney is somehow dishonorable. The judicial system of trial by a jury of our peers is based on our constitution. Is that document dishonorable?

Older voters may remember during the lead up to the Iraq War. Republicans mocked the patriotism of democratic lawmakers who disagreed with the rush to war. This despicable onslaught was leveled against even decorated Vietnam War veterans. It was wrong then and wrong now. Folks who develop these ads know it is wrong for our democracy.

I am a moderate centrist voter, which for some on the radical right equates with Flaming Liberal. I am not. I will vote for candidates who will:

Make improvements in the Affordable Care Act, particularly in the Healthcare marketplace. No repeal for me;

Tell me how the hastily passed Tax Cut bill impact our federal budget deficits. I have not noticed lower taxes, but I have heard that the annual deficit will be close to 1 trillion dollars. I think Medicare and Social Security were in the crosshairs of lawmakers. This far right legislation is frankly insane;

Take honest straightforward action to get “Dreamers” legal status. No strings, no double-talk. These are our neighbors;

Campaign on issues, with pros and cons, and facts. No fear mongering, character assassination, racist dog whistle code words or attacks on voting rights by calling it “fraud”.

I have not seen an issues related ad by Rep. McSally. I hope to see one in the future. I hope those other terrible ads will be withdrawn. We are all citizens who love our country.


Source: Anti-Sinema ads exhausting well before election Arizona Daily Sun, 9/21/2018

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