Ballot Count Update: Sinema Wins; Potentially 4 Statewide Winners

Katie Hobbs is now leading by 5,667 votes. This includes updates today from Coconino, Pinal, Maricopa, and Pima.

Sinema is a clear winner. She’s leading McSally by 1.72% with too few ballots out in McSally strongholds to make a difference. Sinema will go live at 6:30 tonight to declare victory.

French is behind Thorpe by just 1,030 votes, but it will be hard for her to make that up with what is left to be counted. Coconino County has a bit over 1700 provisional ballots to count and we’re not sure how many more, but not many.

Kathy Hoffman is trouncing Frank Riggs in the Superintendent race with a lead of over 54,000 votes.

Sandra Kennedy is the top vote-getter in the Corporation Commission race.

If Hobbs pulls this out, we’ll have won four statewide races!!!  We’re updating regularly on Facebook and Twitter.

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