Barton Enters LD-6 Senate Race

LD6 Representative Brenda Barton(R) has said she plans to file paperwork to challenge LD6 Senator Sylvia Allen(R). Assuming both candidates get their signatures, this would create a contested primary in the LD6 Senate race. We can hardly wait for a primary debate because it will be really hard to find any daylight between these two extreme right-wing ideologues.

Rumors have been flying for months about an internecine war between these two legislators. Barton is term-limited and apparently when Allen took the Senate seat after the untimely death of its previous occupant, the understanding was that Allen would step back when Barton reached her term limit and allow Barton to run for the Senate. Allen is not playing along.

There will also be a primary for the LD6 Republican House race between incumbent Representative Bob Thorpe, Walter Blackman, and Stuart McDaniel — assuming they all get sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot. There are two seats available in the LD-6 House race.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidates Wade Carlisle (Senate), Felicia French (House), and Bobby Tyler (House) are working hard to get themselves elected in order to change the way the Arizona legislature runs and make education and infrastructure the government’s priorities instead of tax cuts and private schools for the wealthy.

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