Bob Thorpe needs to go

Once again we read in the Daily Sun where Representative Bob Thorpe, R-Flagstaff, is busy at work trying to protect his own interest to the detriment of the citizens he was elected to represent. Last legislative session we witnessed his attempt to prevent students from voting in the district where they spend the majority of their time. Why? One can only conclude it was because his district has a large population of college students who are not typically in his voter base.

This session we find Representative Thorpe attempting to hide from public view any official records stored on a private cell phone, computer or social media. Nice try, Mr. Thorpe, but this will never survive judicial review and there is no public good advanced by this action.

Why does Mr. Thorpe continue to waste so much taxpayer time and money on legislative initiatives that are surely dead on arrival and spend so little time on issues impacting the constituency he was elected to serve? One can only conclude it is because the only constituents he has any interest in are himself and fellow Republican legislators, who apparently have much to hide from the public.

Flagstaff deserves a representative more interested in serving the citizens and less interested in protecting his legislative seat and concealing official business from public scrutiny. Bob Thorpe needs to go.

Robyn Vaughn

Source: Arizona Daily Sun, Bob Thorpe needs to go

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