Channel Your Rage

The grotesque decision of six Justices of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe has infuriated the majority of this country. Snap polls support what we saw in rallies on Friday: This is not what the majority of Americans want.

What to do about it?

Take to the streets, for sure. This demonstrates that we are a majority and we are furious. We’re not going to let this right slip away from us without putting up a fight.

Assist those who need abortions — as we all know, laws won’t stop abortions, they only make them unsafe and expensive and possibly out of reach for those without the means to travel. Many organizations are scrambling to set up means to help those who need abortions. It won’t be easy. It shouldn’t be hard. What’s happening is wrong.

Vote. Imagine McConnell and McCarthy running Congress and Kari Lake as Governor. Then, imagine the Senate with enough Democrats to make Manchin and Sinema irrelevant. Imagine an Arizona Governor with a veto pen and an AG like Kris Mayes fighting for abortion rights instead of against them. These wins can happen.

It will take some hard work. Typically, too many people who are inclined to vote for candidates who support abortion rights don’t bother to vote in Midterm Elections. We know who they are; we need to motivate them. And, not just motivate them but give them the information they need to vote. Seeing us in the streets or watching the news (if they have time), is not enough to get them to the polls. But a touch from us is likely to move them.

There are three things you can do right now:

There is so much more to do before the General Election. Fill out this volunteer form so we can help you find your niche.

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