County Seeks Election Workers for May 17 Special Election

The Coconino County Elections Administration has reached out to us about Election Board Workers (EBW) in preparation for the May Election. EBWs serve as poll workers at different polling locations in administering elections. EBWs are members of the political parties, but on Election Day, they represent the County.

There are a few EBW positions still open for May Special Election. They need registered voters with the Democratic Party to serve at the polling places listed below. This year EBW can work on three Elections on May 17, August 2, and November 8.

Here is a summary of the EBW duties and expectations: Work as a team to administer Elections and serve the public at a polling location. Be a registered voter. Each EBW receives training about Election Day activities. They can attend in-person or online training. We also required that each EBW attend a Monday Night Pre-Election Day Meeting. EBW must work the entire day on Elections. Everyone is paid a stipend for serving as an EBW in their community.

If interested, registered voters can use the following link to serve as EBWs:

Precinct and Polling Location Name

Precinct 50 – Calvary Bible Church

Precinct 53 – Forest Lakes Homeowners Association bldg.

Precinct 58 –  Fredonia Fire Station

Precinct 80 – Pinewood Fire Station

Precinct 85 – Cromer Elementary School

Precinct 98 – Grand Canyon Railway Hotel (2)

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