Federal Action Alert – Feb. 5, 2021

Produced by the Legislative Committee of the Coconino County Democratic Party and Democrats of the Red Rocks



As you know, former Pres. Trump demanded his Vice President (VP) throw the election on Jan. 6, 2021 using a twisted interpretation of the 1887 Electoral Count Act.  When VP Pence refused to expand his ceremonial role, insurrectionists stormed Congress calling for his execution.  To combat electoral subversion, Senators Klobuchar (D), Durbin (D) and King (I) are introducing the Electoral Count Reform Act (ECRE). See their release here:   https://www.king.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/king-klobuchar-durbin-share-discussion-draft-to-modernize-electoral-count-act  The ECRE would give states until December 20 to complete legitimate recounts and litigation; provide for limited judicial review to ensure that the electors appointed by a state reflect the popular vote results in that state, clarify that the VP has no power to reject a state’s electors; and narrow grounds for objections to electors or electoral votes.   

     A separate Bi-Partisan group, led by Senators Collins (R) and Manchin (D), is also exploring reformation of the 1887 Act by protecting election workers and by addressing voting practices and rights. No draft language has been introduced.  The two forces may yet join together.  This is an area of legislation where we actually have a real chance of passing something that will help preserve our democracy.  For now, let’s make sure our AZ senators are co-sponsoring and supporting the Electoral Count Reform Act! 


I live and vote in XXXXX, Arizona.  I am so troubled by the attempted subversion of our Democracy on January 6, 2021.  We can strengthen our democracy though, if you actively support and co-sponsor the Electoral Count Reform Act.  As you know it will remove any possible misguided interpretations of the 1887 Electoral Count Act that might allow a rogue Vice President to steal the will of the voters when presidential elections are being certified.  Please co-sponsor this important Act.”   

Sen. Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327.  Email via her website at “http://www.sinema.senate.gov”  Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema. Senator Sinema sits on the Commerce Science and Transportation Committee (drug prices, Medicare), and on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs (housing proposals).

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC),  Email via his website at ehttp://www.kelly.senate.gov Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly . Senator Kelly sits on the Environment and Public Works Committee and the Committee on Aging.

B.  We Need a Climate Change Bill Now in the Senate; Thank Rep. O’Halleran for prodding the the President and Senate

   A cross-ideological coalition of 20 House Democrats, including Tom O’Halleran, has called on the President Biden to advance a robust climate protection bill.  The Bill would invest $555 billion to combat climate change.  The House Democrats wrote in a letter this week to Pres. Biden focusing entirely on climate protection, “The time for you to work with the Senate to finalize and pass the strongest and most comprehensive version of the Build Back Better Act that can get 50 Senate votes is right now.”  The bill will have to accommodate some of Sen. Manchin’s concerns to get passed.  According to CNBC, the $555 billion investment “would help the U.S. get roughly halfway to meeting the administration’s pledge to curb emissions in half from 2005 levels by 2030 according to the nonpartisan analysis firm Rhodium Group.”  

Let’s urge our Senators to sign on and let’s also thank Rep. O’Halleran for signing the letter!  

Sample Voice Mail for Senators:  “I live and vote in XXXX, Arizona.  I am extremely concerned about climate change.  I see that moderate House Democrats are calling for the Senate to pass a stand -alone climate change bill that would invest $555 billion over ten years.  I’m strongly urging you to sign on co-sponsor and support these noble efforts.  The future of our planet and our children depend on you!”  

Sen. Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327.  Email via her website at “http://www.sinema.senate.gov”  Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema .

Sen. Mark Kelley: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC),  Email via his website at http://www.kelly.senate.gov Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly. Senator Kelly sits on the Environment and Public Works Committee and the Committee on Aging.

Sample Voice Mail for Rep. O’Halleran:  “I live and vote in XXXXX, Arizona.  I want to thank you for signing on to Rep. Mike Levin’s January 31, 2022 letter calling on President Biden to advance a climate protection bill in the Senate. I so appreciate you standing up for our planet and future generations!”  

Rep. Tom O’Halleran: Call (202) 225-3361 or send an email via his website at http://www.ohalleran.house.gov

C.  Comment in Favor of Biden Administration Clean Water Regulations! (Due by Feb. 7)

The Following is from the National Resources Defense Council:  

The “Clean Water Act” is a bedrock law designed to prevent the pollution of drinking water sources for millions of Americans. But Trump implemented what came to be known as the “Dirty Water Rule,” which eliminated federal Clean Water Act protections for many water bodies and threatened acres of wetlands and millions of streams — including those that feed the drinking water sources of more than 100 million people — with increased pollution and flooding.

The good news? Thanks to the relentless efforts of our coalition partners, Indigenous tribes, NRDC’s legal team and activists like you, two federal courts have invalidated Trump’s “Dirty Water Rule.”

Now President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers are proposing a new rule to permanently cancel the Trump rule and restore protections for many of the waterways that millions of us depend on and that the Trump rule left behind.

The Biden administration is inviting the public to comment on its proposal — but only for a short time, so we must hurry: Submit your official public comment in defense of vital clean water protections before the February 7 deadline!

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