Federal/County Legislative Alert 2/28/2021

Provided with the help of the Democrats of the Red Rocks


For Senators Kelly and Sinema:

Thanks on Sponsored Bills, Filibuster Removal, Covid-19 relief bill:  Please call and thank both Senators for Co-Sponsoring the Equality Act and the Grand Canyon Protection Act (Equality Act that would include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as protected characteristics in labor and civil rights laws) but let them know their efforts are almost meaningless without their support for the removal of the filibuster.  Urge them to vote for the Covid-19 relief bill.

Sample voice mail or email:  “My name is XXXX and I live in XXXXX, Arizona.  I want to thank Sen. XXX  for cosponsorsing the Equality Act and the Grand Canyon Protection Act, both of which are so important.  I urge you to support removing the filibuster so that we can have some hope of protecting the civil rights of gay and transgender people and to save our beautiful Grand Canyon. Finally, please vote for a full $1.9 billion Covid-19 relief bill with an increase in the minimum wage.”

Sen. Mark Kelley: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC),  Email via his website at http://www.kelly.senate.gov Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly

Sen. Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327.  Email via her website at “http://www.sinema.senate.gov”  Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema,

For Representative O’Halleran:

Reclaim Power to Declare War for Congress:  Urge Rep. O’Halleran to support  HR255 “To Repeal the Authorization fo Use of Military Military Force” and HR266 “To Repeal the Authorization for use of Military Force Against Iraq.”  

    Its time that Congress reassert its duty as the body that may declare war.  This was abidcated on September 18, 2001 when Congress granted the President almost unbridled authority to use military force against “terrorism”.  It was further abicated by the authorization in 2002 to use force against Iraq. 

Here is a sample voice mail or email:  “Dear Rep. O’Halleran,  My name is XXXXX and I live in XXXXX.   I’m calling (emailing) to urge your vote in favor of HR255 and HR266 which would restore to Congress the power to declare war. These bills would revoke the disastrous laws that outsourced Congressional responsibility and allowed Pres. G.W. Bush to invade Iraq and engage in almost unlimited military actions under the guise of fighting terrorism. Congress must be involved in these very important decisions.”   

Coconino County BOS Update

This past week the BOS held two executive sessions only (closed to public). The sole purpose was to decide what to do about filling the County Manager position. In reading the local paper this morning, I saw that Steve Peru, a very able and long-time resident and past County Manager is being seriously considered for the position…it seems like a slam dunk….

In Covid news, there has been a decrease in hospitalizations and new cases, an increase in vaccine appmts thru the County and its partners….looks good!!!! 

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