Republicans’ Half-Baked Food Box Proposal Would Hurt the Poor, our State Budget, and Local Economies

Republicans backing Trump’s new food stamps plan have failed to do their research. (SNAP — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — is the official name for the food stamp programs.)

The plan cuts more than $200 billion from the program over the next decade by replacing debit-like cards that can be used at approved stores with actual boxes of food. What the plan doesn’t include is funding for infrastructure to make the food, money to ship the food, or plans to address specific dietary needs of its recipients, like diabetics.

Plus, Republicans expect individual states to pick up the bill for the $25 billion it would take to implement this plan. Does Arizona have an extra half billion or so?

Moreover, shipping boxes would take money out of our local economies: SNAP debit card purchases are made in local stores; the food boxes presumably would come from outside.


Food box idea draws criticism from Democrats, advocates

Arizona Daily Sun

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