Legislative Alert for May 16, 2021

Friends, the legislative session is typically over by this time each year but there are a large number of bills that are still alive because of party-line votes in which just one vote pushes forward bills that we do not support as Democrats. It’s important to contact Governor Ducey to sign or veto any legislation. Contact information appears at the end of this list.  Keep up the good work of contacting our legislators and governor!

Criminal Justice

SB 1526 – SUPPORT– Provides provisions for incarcerated women including visitation rights, hygiene products, etc.  Passed the senate 28-0


SB 1532 – OPPOSE – This is aimed at preventing teachers from walking out on strike by denying the use of school resources such as email to communicate with each other. Passed House 31-29.

HB 2427 – OPPOSE – Public education groups are united against this bill that allows open enrollment even when a school is at capacity which means a school can’t prioritize seats for resident students.

SB 1783 – OPPOSE – Significantly reduces money raised by Proposition 208 which voters passed.  Estimated reduction of 527 million dollars. Provides tax cuts to small businesses to reduce this funding.

SB 1135 – OPPOSE – This increases tax deductions for 529 educational savings plans. This immediately reduces general fund dollars for public education. These dollars are also made available for use for private school tuition.

SB 1273 – OPPOSE – Greatly expands School Tuition Tax Credits.  Why do republicans want to continue to undermine public schools?????

SB 1452 – OPPOSE – This huge expansion of the Educational Assistance Program provides for an increase in vouchers to approximately 2/3rds of all Arizona school children.  It is another example of how the legislature wants to drain the Prop 208 funding. This moves a great amount of funding from public to private schools. 


HB 2248 – OPPOSE – Removes the authority of the Arizona Corporation Commission to regulate electric generation resources and moves the authority to the legislature.  The 16 republicans in the senate and the 31 in the house want to control all things!!!


HB 2014 – OPPOSE – This is a “deregulation bill” that increases the power of the governor  to overrule state agencies’ decisions. The governor could void and rules or polices made by a state government agency.


HB 2840 – OPPOSE – Exempts from the law carrying a firearm onto school grounds if it is locked in a vehicle and the owner has a concealed weapons license (CWL).

HB-2551 – OPPOSE – Permits people with a CWL to bring guns into libraries, government offices, marches street fairs, generally any public setting even if asked to turn in the firearm for safe storage.

Safety Net

SB 1514 – SUPPORT – Allocates 5 million dollars to Dept. of Security for converting a hotel into an emergency shelter for homeless adults 55 years of age and older.


HB 2309 – OPPOSE – Anti-protester bill.  Creates Class 6 felony if seven or more people gather with “conduct constituting an unlawful assembly”.  Police would have discretion in making this interpretation and an arrested individual has to be held for 12 hours!

Religion and Politics

HB 2648 – OPPOSE- Provides for religious organizations to remain open when the governor has declared an emergency.


SCR 1024 – OPPOSE- Would amend the Arizona constitution to require any citizens’ initiative that raises taxes to pass by a 2/3rds vote.  This is the legislatures response to the passage of Prop. 208.

SB 1118 – OPPOSE – Weakens public school funding by greatly increasing tax credit donations to ESAs, Educational Scholarship Accounts.  Another response to Prop 208.

SB 1260 – The bill allows disabled veterans to be exempt from paying state property taxes.  While it does decrease tax funding it supports disabled veterans so you can make your recommendation.

SB 1041 – OPPOSE – Quadruples over three years the School Tax Credit (STO) from 5 to 20 million. And ties in an automatic 2% yearly increase.  Another bill to reduce public school funding.

SB 1273 – OPPOSE – Another expansion of the STO with a long new list of deductions.  The legislature continues to undermine public school funding at every turn!


SB 1713 – OPPOSE – Requires voter ID on affidavit for every early vote sent in.  Ballot must be folded in a certain way to protect privacy. Terrible bill that makes voting much more difficult.

SB 1531 – OPPOSE – Requires petition circulators to read aloud the entire language of an initiative, referendum or constitutional amendment.   Currently circulators can read just the summary of the proposal.  Another way to subvert our democracy.

HB 2792 – OPPOSE – Makes it a Class 5 felony to send a ballot to anyone who does not explicitly requests one.

HCR 2001 – OPPOSE – Requires that an initiative be limited to one specific topic. This is driven by legislators who oppose citizens’ initiatives

HCR 2016 – OPPOSE – Asks voters to change the Arizona Constitution to require any ballot measure, (initiative, referendum constitutional amendment) `to be passed by 55% of the vote.

SB 1106 – OPPOSE – This bill is aimed at college students.  It makes it a Class 5 felony to register someone to vote who “has no intent to remain in Arizona”. The penalty for this is up to 2 years in prison.

Resistbot.io – How to use it Click on the “messages” icon on your I-phone, then click on the pencil in the top right-hand corner. You will get a “To: “ screen. Put in 504-09 and then in the message type “resist.” They will respond and ask for your zip code or address and what you want to do.

Here is the contact information for our Legislators:


LD 6 – Wendy Rogers 602-926-3042 

LD 7 – Jamescita Peshlakai 602-926-3160 

President Karen Fann 602-926-5874 

Majority Ldr Rick Gray 602-926-5413 


LD 6 – Walt Blackman 602-926-3043 

LD 6 – Brenda Barton 602-926-3421 

LD 7 – Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren 602-926-3069 

LD 7 – Myron Tsosie 602-926-3157 

Speaker Russell Bowers 602-926-3128 

Majority Ldr Ben Toma 602-926-3298 




(He hates to get Tweets it seems!!)


  1.  Click on “Messages” on your iphone
  2. Type in 504-09 and hit send
  3. Type in “Resist” and send
  4. Follow requests for information that appear
  5. Select the person you want to send a message to – legislator, governor, etc.
  6. Draft your message and hit send
  7. Resist bot takes care of the rest.
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