Letter to the Editor: Silver lining is in our behavior

In the current pandemic, state elected leaders should do everything possible to help citizens survive, economically manage and reduce stress.

However, State “House Speaker Rusty Bowers refused to take up Thursday’s Senate package [on tens of millions of dollars to prevent foreclosures, evictions and help small businesses] and instead adjourned the House …”. “The action prevented the Governor for accessing $50 Million in emergency cash…” Bowers then “sidestepped questions from reporters” asking why he refused to consider a senate bill. Gov. Ducey did use a separate channel to provide money. Arizona Daily Sun, A7, 03/21/20.

In a previous incident, “State Senator Sylvia Allen took a swipe at Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans for her response to the coronavirus pandemic, but didn’t seem to know what the mayor’s response really was… Allen said it was ‘sad news that the Flagstaff Mayor shut down the food industry…’ [and then cited another mayor’s action doing the same]. But that’s exactly the order mayor [Evans] gave.” Arizona Daily Sun, A9, 03/18/20.

This is the time in which our state and local governments need to work together. For state elected officials to deny services and attack other elected officials betrays citizen confidence in government. It’s time to work together, not play power games. Our county and city governments have done this, and Democrats, Independents and Republicans have worked together, found solutions, and provided hope. My thanks to each of them, regardless of political affiliation.

If a silver lining in the virus crisis exists, it may be the opportunity to walk around our town, “social-distance talking” with neighbors, and recognize we are one human race, whether elected or voter, rich or poor, dark white or mixed skin color, we are humans on a single planet. Our survival depends upon the example we set for our kids as we navigate through these times. Let’s treat each other with dignity, and elect individuals who’ll do the same.


Doney Park

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