Letter to the editor: HR-3 should be passed immediately

I believe HR-3 should be passed immediately. Arizonans should not accept paying significantly more for healthcare than the rest of the developed world. House Resolution 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act, will help reduce exorbitant drug prices.

This legislation is backed by our Congressman, Tom O’Halleran, passing successfully out of the House of Representatives due in part to his vote. This bill will lower prescription prices through negotiation, reducing the costs of the most expensive prescription drugs by as much as 55% and equates to around $2,000 a year in savings for the average family of four. This is important and in some cases lifesaving. In the grand scheme, the Congressional Budget Office estimates this bill will reduce the federal deficit by 5 billion dollars over 10 year. This reduction is something we can all get behind. It simply does not square up to me that partisanship should stop this bill.



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