Letter to the Editor: Transgender athletics bill’s point is cruelty

I am appalled to read that the Arizona House has passed a bill banning transgender girls (not boys) from playing athletics unless they pass a genetic test. The NCAA (which governs college athletics) has allowed transgender women to play for over a decade under less restrictive tests.

Contrary to the false fears expressed in the Capitol, women’s college sports are thriving.

Republicans have singled out a small, struggling minority for the sole purpose of stoking fear and garnering votes from their ignorant or bigoted base voters. The small number of girls involved is not a threat to anyone. Allowing other athletes to “challenge” any competitor to prove genetically that she is in fact female is an invitation to harassment and a distraction to the games being played. The responsibility of leaders is to expose tamp down fear and bigotry rather than encourage it — especially in our schools.

This bill’s point is cruelty, period. I am hopeful the Arizona Senate will reject it and, if not, that Governor Ducey expresses some compassion in a veto.



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