Suckers and Losers

The Arizona Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus issued this statement:

Late Thursday night, The Atlantic reported, and yesterday other news sources confirmed, that President Trump called American service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation “losers” and “suckers.”

While this abject disrespect is reprehensible, it is not surprising. For years, President Trump has demonstrated time and again that he does not respect or understand the military, the sacrifice they make, and the values those in uniform hold dear. 

He has called military leaders as a “bunch of dopes and babies,” attacked Senator John McCain because he doesn’t “like people who were captured,” pardoned individuals convicted of and on trial for war crimes, attacked Gold Star families, dismissed traumatic brain injuries as “headaches” following rocket attacks on troops in Iraq, and continues to refuse to act on intelligence that the Kremlin had placed bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Furthermore, President Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he sees troops as political props and ones that should be loyal to him. 

Reportedly, by his own admission, President Trump just “doesn’t get” why someone would give their life while serving. This is just one more glaring example of how unfit he is to be Commander in Chief. 

As the father of a service member and a long time champion of the service members, their families, and veterans, Joe Biden responded by not only articulating why President Trump’s dismissal of military service is both harmful and dangerous, but also by laying out his own vision of service, sacrifice, and duty.   

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